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List of holiday accommodation per types and islands in Guadeloupe Archipelago (Liste des locations de vacances en Guadeloupe)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of accommodations throughout Guadeloupe Archipelago. This list is divided by island and type of lodging. Basse-Terre Basse-Terre is the west part of the biggest and butterfly-shaped island in Guadeloupe....

Les Saintes Bay 0

Les Saintes Bay

Les Saintes Bay: Heaven on Earth  Les Saintes Bay is located in Terre de Haut Island, one of the inhabited islands of Les Saintes Archipelago. With a surface of 5.2 km², Les Saintes bay...

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Les Saintes Archipelago

Les Saintes Archipelago : 7 Islets and 2 Islands Les Saintes Archipelago is a dependency of Guadeloupe Archipelago. This small archipelago is composed of 7 volcanic islets: “L’îlet à Cabrit”, “le Grand-Îlet”, “la Coche”, “les...