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Marie-Galante Ecomuseum 0

Marie-Galante Ecomuseum

All about the Ecomuseum Marie-Galante Ecomuseum exists since 1976, thanks to Inventory, traditions and popular arts organisation. During this year, the organisation set up an event in the island to collect simple art items of...


Fort Napoléon

Origin of Fort Napoléon Located at the top of a hill called Mire in Terre de Haut Island, Fort Napoléon has been built in the 19th century, more precisely in 1867. The name of the Fort...

La Grivelière - Coffee Museum  0

La Grivelière – Coffee Museum

  La Grivelière – Coffee Museum La Grivelière – Coffee Museum is an historical place in Grande Rivière valley, in Vieux-Habitants township. Caféière Saint-Joseph was the former name and became La Grivelière in 1843....