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About me

My name is Annabelle, I was born and raised in Guadeloupe Archipelago and now I live in Greater London. I settled down in the UK after few years in Paris. I have been attracted to this cosmopolitan city mostly because, I love foreign languages and multi-cultural environments.

I love Guadeloupe and I have a strong emotional bond with my beloved archipelago. My parents still live over there, which allow me spending holidays as soon as I have got the opportunity.

Blogging: a new experience

This is my first experience as a blogger after deciding that it would be a good way to promote my archipelago for English-speakers. When I moved to the UK, I met people from Guadeloupe Archipelago who were living here for few years. I increasingly and enthusiastically discover the small French Caribbean community established there through events, parties or introductions.

Then, I noticed that we unanimously had the same identity, therefore the same passion, a common goal and the same affinity and love for our archipelago “Guadeloupe”. Without any shadow of doubt, I think that all of us are identifying ourselves as dynamic Guadeloupe ambassadors in London. Whether it is through gastronomy or cultural activities from Guadeloupe, we all are engaged to promote our brand “Guadeloupe” no matter how small is the group because; we are proud and love our tradition, heritage and culture and want to share it.

According to my own experience but also from people that I met here in the UK, I remarked that quite a lot people are unaware of this part of France. To be more precise, Guadeloupe is an overseas archipelago composed of 5 islands and located in the Lesser Antilles.

My main goal

Through this blog I want to raise the UK’s population but also English speakers awareness about this overseas French archipelago. I want to encourage them to find out more by visiting it whether to go have fun, experiment the gastronomy, discover a splendid and protected environment or go intense with sport activities. I want to give you the desire to know more about this beautiful Karukera…

To be continued…

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