List of holiday accommodation per types and islands in Guadeloupe Archipelago (Liste des locations de vacances en Guadeloupe)

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of accommodations throughout Guadeloupe Archipelago. This list is divided by island and type of lodging.


Basse-Terre is the west part of the biggest and butterfly-shaped island in Guadeloupe. With its waterfalls, basins, parks and luxuriant vegetation, Basse-Terre is a place of outstanding natural beauty. If you are a nature lover, the fauna and flora will impress you.


  • Le Saint-Georges 3-star hotel (Saint-Claude) Rooms

Residential hotels

  • Au Ti Sucrier (Deshaies) Studios
  • Caraïb’Bay 3-star hotel (Deshaies) Apartments, Creole hut and Villas
  • Caraïbes Bonheur 4-star hotel (Deshaies) Bungalows, Family Suites and Studios
  • Caraïbes Royal 4-star hotel (Deshaies) Apartments, Duplexes, Studios, Villas
  • Habitation Grand Anse (Deshaies)Apartments and Studios
  • Langley Resort Fort Royal (Deshaies)Bungalows, Rooms and Suites
  • La Pointe d’Argent (Pointe-Noire) Apartments, Rooms and Studios
  • Résidence de la Cousinière (Vieux-Habitants) Villas

Cottages / Bed and Breakfast

  • Au jardin des colibris (Deshaies) Bungalows, Creole Hut & Tree House and Villas
  • Chalet Sous-le-Vent (Bouillante) Bungalows
  • Domaine du Piton Bellevue (Pointe-Noire) Ecolodges and Studios
  • Gîtes du Bord de Mer (Bouillante) Cottages
  • Jardin Malanga 3-star hotel (Trois-Rivières) House and Cottages
  • Le Palmaretum (Petit-Bourg) Bed and Breakfast, Cottages and Creole huts
  • Les Bananes Vertes (Saint-Claude) Ecolodges
  • Les Cycas (Saint-Claude) Bungalows, Studios and Duplexes
  • Les Jardins de Cousinière (Vieux-habitants) Bungalow
  • L’Orchidée Kréyol (Lamentin) Guesthouse
  • O Cœur de Deshaies (Deshaies) Rooms, Suites and Villas
  • Paradis Tropical (Baillif) Cottages
  • Piton Bungalows (Deshaies) Ecolodges and Bungalows
  • Rochers Caraïbes (Pointe-Noire) Bungalow, Cottage and Villa
  • Taïnos Cottages (Deshaies) Cottages
  • Tendacayou Ecolodge & Spa (Deshaies) Bungalows, Creole Huts and Top Lodges
  • Villa Rayon vert (Deshaies) Guesthouse
  • Wiwashimara (Trois-Rivieres) Eco-Friendly Bubble


Grande-Terre is the East part of the biggest island in Guadeloupe. With its gorgeous white sandy beaches, numerous sugar cane plantations, touristic places and activities, Grande-Terre is a diversified island; you will always find an interesting activity to enjoy.


  • Amaudo 3-star hotel (Saint-François) Rooms and Suites
  • Auberge de la vieille tour 4-star hotel (Le Gosier) Rooms and Suites
  • Bwa chick hotel & golf 3-star hotel (Saint-Francois) Duplex and Classic rooms
  • Cap Sud Caraïbes (Le Gosier) Rooms
  • Club Med La Caravelle Resort (Saint-Anne) Rooms and Suites
  • Hotel Arawak 3-star hotel (Le Gosier) Rooms / Suites or Duplex
  • Hotel Fleur d’Épée (Le Gosier) Rooms and Suites
  • Hotel St John Perse 2 star-hotel (Pointe-a-pitre) Rooms and 1 Studio
  • Karaibes hotel 2-star hotel (Le Gosier) Rooms
  • Karibea Hotel: Hotel Clipper (Le Gosier) Rooms
  • Karibea Hotel: Hotel Salako (Le Gosier) Rooms
  • La Metisse 3-star hotel (Saint- François) Rooms
  • Le Diwali (Saint-Anne) Rooms

Residential hotels

  • Canella beach 3-star hotel (Le Gosier) Apartment, Studios and Suites
  • Golf Village 3-star hotel (Saint-François) Rooms, Studios and Villas
  • Habitation du comté 3-star hotel (Saint-Rose) Rooms, a family Suite and a Bungalow
  • Hostellerie des châteaux (Saint-François) Bungalows and Rooms
  • Hôtel Village Soleil (Le Gosier) Rooms and Suites
  • Karaibes Hotel Residence (Le Gosier) Apartments, Studios
  • Karibea Beach – Residence Prao (Le Gosier) Apartments and Rooms
  • La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa 4-star hotel (Le Gosier) Apartments, Rooms, Suites
  • La Maison Creole 3-star hotel (Le Gosier) Studios
  • La Toubana Hotel & Spa 4-star hotel (Sainte-Anne) Bungalows and Suites
  • Le Manganao (Saint-François) Apartments, Rooms and Suites
  • Le Relais du moulin 4-star hotel (Sainte-Anne)
  • Le Rotabas 2-star hotel (Saint-Anne) Bungalows and Rooms
  • Les bananiers (Le Gosier) Studios and Rooms
  • Mahogany 4-star hotel (Le Gosier) Duplexes, Rooms and Suites
  • Pierre & Vacances Holiday Village (Sainte-Anne) Apartments and Studios
  • Résidence La Plantation & Spa (Saint-François) Duplexes and Studios
  • Résidence Le Vallon (Saint-François) Apartments and Studios
  • Résidence Turquoise Guadeloupe 3-star hotel (Le Gosier) Apartments and Studios
  • Villa Boubou 5-star hotel (Saint-François) Luxury Villas

Cottages / Bed and Breakfast

  • Aqualodge (Pointe-à-Pitre) Fully equipped floating Villas
  • Les 3 Épices (Le Gosier) Bungalows
  • Le Neem (Saint-Francois) Bungalows
  • Majesty Palm (Saint-Francois) Cottages, Suites and Villas
  • Shambala lodge (Le Moule) Bungalows
  • Tival Location (Sainte-Anne) Cottages and Guesthouse
  • Ti Village Créole (Sainte-Anne) Bungalows and Studios
  • Village Caraibes Carmelita’s (Le Gosier) Bungalows
  • Hostel
  • Gwada hostel (Le Gosier) Rooms and Dormitories


Marie-Galante Island is an administrative dependency of Guadeloupe archipelago. With its distilleries, windmills, old fashioned means of transport, stunning beaches, Marie-Galante is an Island of history and culture. This round-shaped Island is definitely an authentic island that will allow you going back in time.


  • Le M (Capesterre) Rooms and suites

Residential hotels

  • Au village de Ménard (Saint-Louis) Villas and Studios
  • Cap Reva (Capesterre) Duplexes and Studios
  • Coco Beach Resort (Grand-Bourg) Rooms and Apartments

Cottages / Bed and Breakfast

  • Kazamariegalante (Throughout Marie-Galante Island) Bungalows, Creole Houses & Huts and Villas
  • La Rose du Brésil (Capesterre) Bungalows, Rooms and Suites
  • Les gîtes Tit’anse et Spa (Capesterre) Bungalows, Creole Hut and Creole House

La Désirade

La Désirade is an elongated limestone island and is also a dependency of Guadeloupe archipelago. The main characteristics of the island are the combination of its highest point “Grande Montagne” reaching 273 metres and the coastline with beautiful white sandy beaches protected by long coral reefs.


  • Hôtel Oasis (La Désirade) Rooms and Studios

Cottages / Bed and Breakfast

  • Club Caravelles (La Désirade) Bungalows
  • Gîtes Alizea (La Désirade) Cottages
  • Gîtes des Remparts (La Désirade) Apartments and Studios
  • Le Cybèle (La Désirade) Studios
  • Les Gîtes Amour d’Olivier (La Désirade) Cottages
  • Les Gîtes de la Grande Ravine (La Désirade) Cottages
  • Les Gîtes de la Grande Source (La Désirade) Bungalows and 1 Villa

Les Saintes

Les Saintes is a dependency of Guadeloupe. This small archipelago is composed of 7 volcanic islets: L’îlet à Cabrit, le Grand-Îlet, la Coche, les Augustins, la Redonde, le Pâté, les Roches Percées and 2 main islands: Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas which are the only ones inhabited. Les Saintes is a paradisiacal and peaceful place where you will be able to find local products as well as experiencing extreme water sports.


  • Cocoplaya (Terre de Haut) Rooms and Suites
  • Le Kanaoa (Terre de Haut) Rooms
  • Lobleu hotel 2-star hotel (Terre de Haut) Rooms

Residential hotels

  • Hotel Bois Joli 2-star hotel (Terre de Haut) Rooms and Bungalows
  • Le Paradis Saintois (Terre de Haut) Apartments, a Room and Studios

Cottages / Bed and Breakfast

  • Anse Figuier (Terre de Haut) Cottages and Villas
  • Chez Gisèle et Philippe (Terre de Hut) Bungalows, Duplexes and Studios
  • Habitation Les Hauts de Grand Anse (Terre de Haut) Apartments, Studios and Villas
  • Le Loft d’Edouard (Terre de Haut) Guesthouse/Loft
  • Résidence Anse Caraïbe (Terre de Haut) Apartments and Studios
  • Résidence Grande Baie (Terre de Haut) Apartments and Bungalows

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