The Bokit

Today blog post is all about a popular and traditional round-shaped sandwich from Guadeloupe Archipelago called the Bokit. This Creole burger is highly accessible when visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago. In fact, there is always an opportunity to enjoy a street food to go as the weather is quite warm most of the time. Whether it is at specific locations where food trucks are gathering on a daily basis, for special events, by the roadside or beach, this delicious ready-to-eat food will amaze your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. On top of that, if you are living in London you will be lucky to taste delicious Bokits from Bokit’la, a fast-growth start-up managed by 2 compatriots. Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

Origin & Description

Although it has been known for a long time, this speciality from Guadeloupe Archipelago became famous at the middle of the 19th century, straight after the abolition of slavery. At this period, the poorest workers could not afford daily essentials such as bread. As they didn’t want to suffer from hunger, they had to be extremely proactive to prepare some food with what they could find in their kitchen including: Flour, water, salt, and oil. Bokits are small balls of dough deep-fried that you can fill with a variety of fillings such as Chicken, Fish, Ham and Cheese, sausages, various vegetables and spices…etc.

As one of the iconic street food of the Archipelago, the Bokit is sold in every corner. Whether it is daily gathering of food vans in multiple locations, for different festivities or by the beach, you cannot miss the Bokit. The smell is quite attractive and nowadays traders have become so creative and offer various combination of flavours to please everyone. The Bokit has so much success that queuing for quite a long time (up to 30 minutes) is often part of the game.

Bokits in London: Bokit’la

Are you living in Greater London? Do you want to take part of a tasteful experience with a Bokit? Good news!!! It is possible thanks to Bokit’La, the first French Caribbean street food in London. On Bokit’La menu, there are 3 different sizes of bokits (small, medium, and large) with 3 main different fillings (Chicken, salt-fish, and aubergines (for vegan), and 5 different levels of spice (level 1 being mild to level 5 extremely hot). You can also add extra toppings such as avocado salad.

Bokit’La can be found at multiple locations:

  • Markets:

– Hammersmith Lyric square, London (Every Thursday: from 10am to 3pm)

– Brixton station road, London (Every Friday: from 11am to 3pm)

– Kennington road Oval, London (Every Saturday: from 10am to 3pm)

– Muswell hill Alexandra Palace, London (Most Sundays: from 10am to 3pm)

  • Theatre and Pub:

– The Barley Mow: 127 curtain road old street EC2A 3BX London (Every Tuesday from 6.30pm to 10pm/Every Friday from 12pm to 3pm)

– The Oval House Theatre 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW (From Wednesday to Saturday from 6.30pm to 10pm)

If you cannot reach these places, that’s fine Bokit’La has extra catering services as well as a choice of delicious canapés. For more information visit their website:



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