Easter in Guadeloupe Archipelago (Pâques sur l’Archipel de Guadeloupe)

In Guadeloupe Archipelago, Easter is an important religious celebration as the archipelago is predominantly Roman Catholic. Indeed, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. It also marks the end of 40 days lent, which is quite respected here in Guadeloupe Archipelago. Night activities and nightclubs are quite inactive during this period of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. As a festive season, it is also all about family reunions at the beach or river to share traditional meals and drinks as well as having fun. Let’s dig deeper into the topic.

In many countries, Bunnies and eggs chocolate are symbolically related to Easter. During this cheerful season, eggs’ hunting is the number one activity for kids. However, in Guadeloupe Archipelago, the crab has become the symbol of a conventional Easter. The traditional Easter meal is the crab Matété” (A crab stew with white rice)

Cover crab

A month or so before Easter, the crabs’ hunters set the traps (called Zatrap in creole) in the mangrove swamp. Then collect and sell them by the roadside for the population. Once you have your crabs, you need to make sure to put them in a safe place and feed them appropriately before the due date.

Easter Sunday, some people spend the entire day by the beach or the river, sharing some food and drinks with family and friends as well as enjoying fun activities such as: Playing cards and dominoes or Beach activities including Beach ball games and water sports. For the more adventurous camping is a great option. As places can be really crowded, those who choose to camp are making sure to pitch their tents on Good Friday.

Finally, if you want to experience something else, there is the famous Crab festival in Morne-à-l’Eau Township (located in Grande-Terre Island). As the ambassadorial township of Crabs, Morne-à-l’Eau welcomes each year thousands of people during this special week end.

You will be able to see or take part in various activities involving the crab. As mentioned earlier, the crab “Matété” is a popular Easter dish, but the “Calalou” crab, the Crab dombré, the Crab pie, Crab pastries, Crab gratin, Crab cake are others mouth-watering foods the cookers are competing with each other to entertain and satisfy the public.

Crab matete
Crab Matete

Other than the culinary part, there are multiple competitions including but not limited:

  • Crabs’ races
  • Biggest crab
  • Fastest person to tie crabs
  • Biggest crab eater

If you want to take your knowledge on crabs to the next level, you have the possibility to drop by the “The Crab Museum” located in Le Moule” Township (Grande-Terre Island).  The Crab Museum is a place where you will be able to see and purchase a wide variety of crabs. You will also find out different ways to cook this tasty seafood.

Here are the opening hours and address of the place:


La Maison du Crabe

3, chemin Duteau

97160 Le Moule

Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday (9am to 4pm) / From Monday to Sunday, same time in July and August.

As you saw from this blog post, the crab is part of the culinary heritage in Guadeloupe Archipelago. If you are a seafood lover, you won’t be disappointed. But most importantly, Easter is a cheerful period when you will eat, drink, dance, play and laugh with your love ones.

Calalou de crabe
Calalou crab
Dombre crabe
Crab dombre

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