The “Floup”

Spring is just around the corner and Summer will follow as quickly as a wink, which means warmer weather, sleeveless tops, sandals, barbecues and ice creams. Speaking about ice cream, this blog post is dedicated to a famous ice pop in Guadeloupe Archipelago called Floup. Let’s find out more about this ice pop snack.


The Floup has been created in 1970 in Martinique our sister island, more precisely in Super a fizzy drink factory in Saint-Joseph Township. The name Floup is a Creole onomatopoeia describing a fall. When dropping something in creole we say: “I tombé floup”. Since then, Floup has become a well-known brand and the market leader for ice pop in the French West Indies (Guadeloupe and Martinique) as well as French Guiana.


With an ice pop bag packaging, the floup is a delicious and fun treat you will enjoy anywhere. To open and eat it, you will need to bite and cut off the ice pop bag and then gulp it. As you are going along, you will definitely experience a deep feeling of freshness and tastiness depending on the flavour.

With a broad range of recipes and flavours, there are two types of floup:

  • The Milk-based pasteurised ice pop (Almond, Peanut, Chocolate, Coconut, Pina colada, Vanilla and Milk-grenadine)
Milk-based floup: Vanilla
Milk-based floup: Peanut


  • The Water-based pasteurised ice pop for those who are not consuming dairy (Anise syrup, Pineapple, Cola kampane syrup, Lime, Blue orange, Strawberry, Exotic, Grenadine, Mint, Orange, Grape, Sinobol which is a mix of mint and grenadine and mint and Barley water)
Water-based floup: Exotic
Water-based floup: Cola kampane syrup
Water-based floup: Strawberry
Water-based floup: Lime
Anise-flavoured floup

A single floup is 125 millilitres and cost under 1 Euro at your local convenience store also called Lolo or at the bakery. If you are going to a grocery store, you will be able to buy a handy multi pack of 4. The multi pack is recognisable due to the bear mascot on the packaging.

Multi pack of 4 mint floups

The floup is part of the French Guiana and French Caribbean Islands’ identity as well as being part of the culinary heritage in Guadeloupe Archipelago. When visiting the archipelago, don’t forget to try this unmissable ice pop treat, especially because of hot temperatures throughout the year.


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