Allée dumanoir

Guadeloupe is an archipelago with a splendiferous landscape composed of stunning beaches, a vibrant and vigorous aquatic and terrestrial fauna as well as a luxuriant flora. Today’s blog post is dedicated to a random but noticeable place in Basse-Terre Island that will definitely draw your attention due to its originality. This site is called “l’Allée Dumamoir”.

Located in Capesterre Belle-Eau Township in Basse-Terre Island, “l’Allée Dumanoir” is a road lined up with twin rows of large royal palm trees on each side. This majestic 1200-metres-long road with over 400 trees is breathtaking when seeing for the first time.

The first palm trees were planted in the late 19th century by a member of the Pinel-Dumanoir family, hence the name of the place. “L’allée Dumanoir” has been classified as a historic and touristic monument, therefore major improvements have always been made to preserve the beauty of the place. Over the years, bad weather such as the 1928 hurricane has damaged the site but, new palms were replanted in 1933. In 1966, 2 extra rows were added. In 1998, the ONF (Office National des Forêts) has planted 120 young palm trees. Ten years later in 2008, the RN1 highway layout was redesigned allowing l’Allée Dumanoir to become a traffic-free road.

If you passing by Capesterre Belle Eau Township, get the opportunity to admire or even take a picture of this impressive scenery.

Double rows of Palm trees

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