Associative Museum of traditions and discovery of Marie-Galante Island “Au mouillage” (Musée Associatif sur les Traditions et la Découverte de Marie-Galante “Au mouillage”)

Today blog post is a brief introduction to the Associative Museum of traditions and Discovery of Marie-Galante Island called “Au mouillage”. “Au mouillage” exhibits different means of transport existing between Marie Galante Island and Guadeloupe Island (Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre Islands) from the early 1900s until today.

This museum has been created in 1993 by Mrs Evelyne Saint-Martin the chairwoman of the association “Au mouillage”. Her purpose was to share with the public how Marie-Galante Island has been opened up to the other islands of the Archipelago over the years.  When visiting the Associative Museum of Traditions and Discovery of Marie-Galante you will definitely have an overview of an important aspect of Marie-Galante heritage.

A genealogy made with several pictures and objects will allow you to discover more precisely diverse means of transport that shuttled commuters back in the day and their evolution over the years. You will find out more about air, sea and land transports available for the local population. For instance, it is worthwhile to see the evolution of sea transports that have been and still accessible such as sailing boats, steamboats and catamarans nowadays. Short monographs of famous captains and pilots are also highlighted as well as living conditions of the population a century ago.

Don’t miss out “Au mouillage” museum if you stopping by Marie-Galante Island. It is interesting to learn more about how an archipelago like Guadeloupe handles connection between its multiple Islands. Furthermore, people who were or still living in smaller Islands such as Marie Galante have another story than the ones who are living in Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre Island for example. This museum will undoubtedly give you insightful information about Marie-Galante history.


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