Coconut confectioneries in Guadeloupe Archipelago (Confiseries à la noix de coco)

Confectioneries are tremendously part of the culinary heritage in Guadeloupe Archipelago especially with the availability of a wide range of tropical fruits they are made from. Whether you are going to the beach, a fair, or visiting any kind of touristic place, you will definitely meet people selling these tasty treats. In today’s blog post coconut-based confectioneries are highlighted.

Here is a brief description of some coconut confectioneries highly recommended when visiting the Archipelago:

  • “Sucre à coco à tête rose/verte in French/ Sik a coco tèt ros/green in creole” which is a confectionery made with grated coconut, white sugar, flavoured with lime zest and vanilla extract. Those small confectioneries are white on the bottom with a colourful top depending on your taste. As the top is made with food colouring you can have it with any colour. However, the most common are the green and pink tops.
sik a coco
Sucre à coco tête rose et verte
  • “Tablette coco” is slightly similar to “Sucre à coco à tête rose/vert”, but this one is made with shredded coconut, cane sugar and also flavoured with lime zest, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Coconut pulp is the base of both of these confectioneries.

  • “Grabiot” which is jam consistency confectionery made with grated coconut, “sirop de batterie”*, lime zest, vanilla extract and cinnamon. “Grabiot” is generally used in patisserie to make coconut pastries or pies.

* “Sirop de batterie” is a sticky syrup made from cane juice

  • “Doucelette” is quite different from the previous ones as it is made with coconut milk instead of coconut pulp. Basically, the “doucelette” is a mix of coconut milk, sugar cane with lime zest, cinnamon and vanilla extract. When cooking those ingredients in a saucepan for about an hour, you will get a sticky consistency that you are going to pour in a baking tray and let it cool down. The final result will be small coconut sugar squares that are going to melt in your mouth.

If you like coconut and have a sweet tooth you will definitely enjoy these confectioneries but be careful and do not overeat them as they are extra sweet.


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