Guinep Jam (Confiture de quenette)

After the introduction to the Guinep, here is a quick and easy recipe to make the Guinep jam. This jam is not as popular as other tropical fruit jams such as mango, guava or passion fruit. This recipe requires 20 minutes for the preparation and 25 minutes for the cooking part. It can be eaten raw or as a tasty syrup to mix with rum if you want to make a punch.

Ingredients for 2 standard size jars (340g)

  • 500 grams of Guinep
  • 50 centilitres of water
  • 300 grams of cane sugar (You can use any sugar of your choice but the cane sugar is worthwhile)
  • A lime (You will use the zest)
  • A teaspoon of ground cinnamon


  • Take off the outer shell of your guineps
  • Put them in a bowl and set aside
  • In a saucepan, bring to a boil the water, the sugar, the lime zest and the cinnamon during 10 minutes
  • Add the guineps into the syrup and let simmer for about 25 minutes. Don’t forget to stir during the whole time.
  • Pour the hot jam in the jars, close them and put them up side down until they are completely cool



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