Healing plants in Guadeloupe Archipelago

In Guadeloupe Archipelago, it is quite common to use healing plants when having any kind of pain. The Creole word for healing plant is “Rimèd péyi”.

For a long time, none of these plants were part of the national and European regulation, even though the population always used them on regular basis. Few years ago, 15 healing plants from Guadeloupe Archipelago have been introduced to the French pharmacopoeia.

Here they are as well as the benefits they are offering:

* The names are in French (FR) and/or Creole (CR)

– À tous maux (FR)/Lavan blan (CR) for digestive disorders, flu-like conditions and high blood pressure.

– Bois d’Inde (FR)/Bwa denn (CR) for fever, rheumatism and toothache.

– Catalpa (FR)/Kalpata (CR) for digestive, urinary and respiratory disorders.

– Cochlaria (FR)/Koklaya (CR) for skin infections, inflammation, high blood pressure and diabetes.

– Glycérine (FR)/Glisérin (CR) to soften the skin & hair and when having acne.

– Goyave (FR)/Gouyav (CR) when suffering from gastro-enteritis, diarrhoea, diabetes and high blood pressure.

– Graines en bas feuilles (FR)/Grenn anba fèy (CR) when suffering from indigestion, digestive disorders and a cold.

– Gwo bonm (CR) to stimulate the appetite and recommended when having a fever and painful menstrual periods.

– Herbe à fer (FR)/Chadwon béni (CR) when suffering from digestive disorders and when having a flu.

– Mahot noir (FR)/Bwa nwè (CR) recommended in case of thoracic injuries.

– Pois de bois (FR)/Pwa dibwa (CR) recommended for cough, griping stomach pain and skin infections.

– Soumaké(CR) recommended for skin infections.

– Sureau (FR)/Siyo (CR) recommended when having fever, a flu or bad cough.

– Thé pays (FR)/Té péyi (CR) when suffering from digestive disorders, high blood pressure and flu-like conditions.

– Verveine queue de rat (FR)/Vèvenn Karayib (CR) when suffering from tiredness, nervousness and flu-like conditions.

Here is a link from the Botanical Conservatory of Guadeloupe Archipelago to see what they are looking like: http://www.cbig.fr/images/documentations/posterCBIG-medicinal.pdf

Healing plants are really effective but on the other hand, you absolutely need to manipulate them carefully because they can also be toxic. This is the reason why, the registration in the French Pharmacopeia has allowed the selling of various products from these plants such as teas, infusions, powders, lotions, essential oils, to make sure that they are used in an efficient way.


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