Sainte-Anne Arts and Crafts Village

“Arts and Crafts” industry has been and still flourishing in Guadeloupe Archipelago because of splendid and beautiful sceneries. Indeed, the different islands have multiple resources that help to elaborate traditional and creative objects. The exotic wood of the tropical forest and various nice sandy beaches have helped artists to show their creativity.

When visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago, you will have several opportunities to find these objects souvenirs either on markets, from artists you will meet on beaches or other different tourist areas but also, in Arts and Crafts village such as the one in Saint-Anne Township.

The “Arts and Crafts” village in Saint-Anne is a gathering of souvenir boutiques for all tastes.

As an unmissable site, you will discover over 10 interesting boutiques as well as a snack-bar called “L’Authentique” and a ticket station for those who are willing to experience car or boat trips.

The boutiques offer a wide choice of:

– Wood, calabash, shell, sandy and madras decorative objects such as statues, mirrors, trinkets, lamps, ashtrays, wall decor items

– Wood, shell or pearl jewellery and accessories including earrings, necklaces and bracelets

– A good deal of madras* prêt- à-porter (Dresses, bermudas shorts, pareos and many othesr beaches items)

*The madras is a symbolic material in Guadeloupe Archipelago which is part of the heritage

– Some spices, rums, tropical fruits punchs and jams with traditional and original packaging

When visiting Grande-Terre Island don’t miss out this amazing site which aims to highlight the work of numerous craftsmen and artists from Guadeloupe Archipelago and other Caribbean islands.


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