Arts & Crafts in Guadeloupe Archipelago

Arts and Crafts are very common in Guadeloupe Archipelago thanks to the luxuriant nature. The climate and landscape offer multiple natural resources. Indeed, exotic woods from the tropical forest and various beautiful sandy beaches allow many artists to make a wide range of jewels, pieces of furniture and pottery, painting, clothes and souvenir from Guadeloupe Archipelago.

The most popular materials used are the coconut, the calabash, the wood , shells and the madras fabric.

Here are some examples of nice arts and crafts objects with different basis as mentioned previously:

Coconut hand bag
Coconut hand bag
Madras pillow
Madras pillow
Panier coco
Coconut braided basket
bijoux graine
Jewels with seeds



coconut jewel
Madras tray
Madras tray

When visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago, you will definitely find various souvenir shops where you will be able to buy these objects. You can also find some on markets depending on the size because some markets are selling only fruits and vegetables. Don’t hesitate to encourage artists from Guadeloupe Archipelago because it is a real passion and the only source of income for most of them. They are taking advantage of natural treasures of Guadeloupe Archipelago to do an amazing job on a daily basis. On the other side, you will keep a nice souvenir from the archipelago which will give you the desire to come back sooner or later.



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