The lychee (Le Litchi)

The lychee is a tropical fruit that grows in Guadeloupe Archipelago during a short period of time, from November to January. You may find lychees in different shops throughout the year but they are imported from other countries.


The lychee is a sweet fruit native to China. They are also cultivated in India, Thailand, Vietman, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Brazil, California and Florida and more recently they have been introduced in various tropical islands such as Guadeloupe Archipelago. As a tropical fruit, they require a warm subtropical to tropical climate to grow up.


The lychee tree is a slow growing, medium-sized with dense round-topped foliage and smooth, gray, brittle trunk and branches. This evergreen tree may reach from 10 to 30 metres height (30 to 100 feet). The lychee bears fleshy fruits that have a delicate pulp, sweet flavour and a floral smell. The outside is covered by a pink-red, roughly-textured rind that is inedible but can be easily removed. The inside consists of a layer of sweet, translucent white flesh, rich in vitamin C, with a texture similar to a grape as well as a single, glossy and brown seed. The fruit approximately weight 20g

lychee tree

Nutritional content and Health benefits

The lychee is a very nutritious fruit and gives full of energy. With a high amount of Vitamin C in it, lychee proves to be a good antioxidant which improves the immune function of the body. The fruit also contains good amount of fibre and Vitamin B-complex which increase metabolism. Due to its numerous health benefits lychee is used as an alternative medicine in China.

Lychees can be used in jellies, jams, sorbet, sauces, and syrups. When visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago you will be able to find them on markets during the appropriate period and don’t forget to try the nectar lychee as well as the jam which are delicious.



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