The “Ti Punch” and the Planter’s punch


The “Ti punch”

The “Ti punch” is definitely a traditional alcoholic drink in Guadeloupe Archipelago. From the menu in any typical restaurant to the local bar, the “ti punch” is part of everyday life in Guadeloupe Archipelago.

To do a “ti Punch” you will need:

  • 6 centilitre of rum
  • 1cl of sugar cane syrup or 1 teaspoon of sugar cane
  • A slice of lime

Ideally, when preparing a “Ti punch” put the sugar cane or syrup in a small glass then add the rum and stir everything with a teaspoon.

Anecdote: In Guadeloupe archipelago when men are about to have a “ti punch” they call it the “décollage”


The planter’s punch

The planter’s punch is another famous must-drink punch when visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago. Generally, they put the drink in a large bowl and people fill their cups with a punch bowl ladle.

To make an excellent planter’s punch you will need to mix these ingredients, this for a bottle of 2 litres:

  • 350 ml of white rum
  • 200 ml of sugar cane syrup or 200g of sugar cane
  • 200 ml of guava nectar
  • 200 ml of passion fruit nectar
  • 200 ml of pineapple nectar
  • 200 ml of orange nectar
  • A cinnamon stick
  • Vanilla sugar
  • The zest of a lime

In a large bowl mix all the nectars and whisk. Then add the rum and the sugar cane and whisk again. Grate the cinnamon stick and put the extra in the mixture. Finally add the zest of the lime. If you want it stronger you can put extra rum. Pour the mixture in the bottle and set it aside to macerating a couple of days. This punch is better when it’s chilled, in case you didn’t put in the fridge before, it is also good on the rocks.


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