Traditional “Punch” in Guadeloupe Archipelago


Christmas is just around the corner and in Guadeloupe Archipelago during this period of cheerfulness, joy and love; the plentiful culinary heritage is everything. From the traditional dish composed of pigeon pea or kidney bean with rice and pork, the black pudding and the pineapple Christmas ham, the population enjoy having a good “punch” as there are various flavours for all tastes.

Every punch except the “Ti punch” is made with tropical fruits juices and some rum plus cinnamon, lime zest and vanilla extract; you can buy industrial ones from several shops as you can also find homemade ones on markets. More and more people are preparing homemade punch either to sell or for family as the recipes are pretty simple.

Here are some flavours of punch you should be able to drink when visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago. Keep in mind that you will have access to them throughout the year but during Christmas “Ti punch”, coconut punch and “shrubb” are definitely dedicated to this celebration.

  • “Ti Punch”
  • Coconut punch
  • “Shrubb”
  • “Planteur”
  • Passion fruit punch
  • Piña Colada punch
  • Peanut punch
  • Cashew punch
  • Guava punch
  • Banana punch
  • Gooseberry punch
  • Pineapple punch

There are other flavours of “punch” but I have listed the most famous.



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