The raccoon

racoon 013ex

The raccoon is the totem animal of the national park of Guadeloupe archipelago. Let’s find out more about this animal.

What is this animal?

Raccoons are originally from South America and China but nowadays you can find them all around the world. Raccoons are omnivorous and eat fruits, plants as well as snaring their meals in the water. They grab crayfish, frogs and other aquatics species. The main characteristic of this animal is to wash everything before eating. A raccoon lifetime is about 15 years. However, in general they die prematurely because of hunters’ traps, pesticides or accidentally.

raccoon près de l'eau

The raccoon in Guadeloupe archipelago

The raccoon has been imported in Guadeloupe archipelago by the Native American 25 decades ago. At this time it was an excellent meat for them.

Nowadays, when visiting Guadeloupe archipelago you will able to see them in relative freedom in the Mamelles zoological park and if you are lucky enough you might be able to see them around urban zones and in the rainforest.

In 1996, the raccoon has been classified as endangered by an organism called the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to the decline over the last years. Indeed, in Guadeloupe archipelago, the raccoon suffers from the destruction of its habitat and unfortunately it still hunted by some islanders. From several years, the raccoon may face extinction unless they put extra conservation efforts.


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