The Water Garden


Located at Blonzac, a section of Goyave Township, the water garden has been created 10 years ago. Surrounding by a stunning landscape but also a river called “La Rose”, the Water Garden is a wonderful haven of peace devoted to “Manman Dlo”.

“Manman Dlo” is the mysterious Princess of the Kingdom of Water and this is a tribute to water, the source of all life and the woman who gives this life.

When visiting, you will also be able to discover how rich the Flora of Guadeloupe Archipelago is.

A wide variety of botanical species

Charm and quietness are the best ways to define the garden water. Indeed, Guadeloupe Archipelago flora is really diversified with tropical trees, a nursery with ornamental plants such as ylangs-ylangs or pandans. It is definitely a colourful and peaceful environment where harmony and reflection of the flowers and water match.

A site dedicated to sportspersons and kids

Sports lovers will have a wide choice of activities to try including Volley-Ball, petanque, kayaking, swimming, fishing prawns or tai-chi lessons. In addition to that, there are several theme-based days on different cultural or artistic topics. The site can welcome groups of people from Wednesday to Sunday from 9am. If you want to find out more about the culture of the archipelago, this is the place to be.

Every Wednesday, there are waters activities for kids. There is also a picnic area which will allow you to enjoy the place riverside.

picnic area
Picnic area

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