Trois-Rivières archeological site “Roches gravées” (Engraved stones)

In Guadeloupe, between 300 and 700 after Christ, there was a massive migration of the Arawak population. This community was peaceful, pacifist and really welcoming. The Arawaks were living wisely in accordance with the nature and their main activities to survive were fishing, hunting and cultivation. However they were also expressing their culture through various arts such as poetry, dance, music, jewellery and engraving.

The archeological site of Trois-Rivières is famous because the arawaks have left an invaluable rock art park. With 22 stones and almost 230 engraving, the engraved stones are called petroglyphs and represent faces, bodies, animals and geometrical shapes. The site is located in a stunning garden where you will be able to find several species of Caribbean plants including the cotton, the heliconia and the calabash.

roche gravée

In 1975, the site became public after been listed as an historic monument the year before.

The site of “Roches gravées” (engraved stones) is the biggest in the West Indies and belongs to the General Council. During the guided tour, you will learn much more about the first inhabitants of Guadeloupe. It is definitely a worthwhile site when visiting Basse-Terre Island.

le-parc-archeologique-des-roches-gravees conseil general


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