Bassin Bleu (Blue Pool)

The “Bassin Bleu” (Blue pool) is located in Gourbeyre Township in Basse-Terre Island. With a height of 620 metres, it is part of the tropical rainforest.

The name blue pool coming from the fact that most of the time, it is really blue but depending on sunlight, time and the flow of the river.

bassin bleu
The pool when it is really blue

From the entrance of the site, you will need around 30 minutes to reach the “Bassin bleu”. The hiking trail is quite easy shady and accessible. Halfway along, you will find 3 picnic areas. One of them allows you having a stunning panoramic view of the Township and its surroundings. While stopping by the other ones, you will be able to see some impressive trees such as the “Acomat-boucan”, the chestnut tree or loads of ferns.

The pool

When reaching Bassin Bleu, you will be able to admire an amazing landscape composed of a medium size pool and a small waterfall. The fun part of this beautiful site is the natural slide which will lead you the cold water. Indeed, the water may be colder tah other sites as it is higher.

Don’t miss out this diving pool when visiting Basse-Terre Island, it is definitely worthwhile.


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