Water sports in “Les Saintes” Archipelago

Les Saintes Archipelago (Terre-de-Haut & Terre-de-Bas) attracts load of tourists each year thanks to the sunny weather and clear turquoise waters. When visiting this paradisiac environment, you have several choices in terms of water sporting activities.

Here are some activities you can do over there:

Jet Ski

If you are an adrenaline sports lover, you will definitely enjoy doing it in Les Saintes, as the landscape is also favourable. There are few centres that allow you to discover the sport through various jet-ski excursions.

Jet ski
Jet ski
Kite surf

Another interesting activity is the Kite surf. The best kite surf sites are located in Terre-de-Haut where you can also find the bay of Les Saintes. The beach of Grande Anse is a beautiful place to practise the activity as the direction of the wind is more optimal. The windiest period to enjoy is from December to April.

Scuba diving

Les Saintes Archipelago is well known as an ideal destination to go scuba diving, thanks to the amazing marine wildlife. You will see lots of fishes, crustaceans and corals. In the archipelago, there are over 10 stunning sites where you can do scuba diving. The most famous is “Sec Paté” which is classified as one of the most beautiful in the world. Marigot is another amazing site where you can even see turtles and a whale. The last interesting site is Grand Etang which is full of lobsters.


There are others sporting activities in Les Saintes islands but that ones are most for thrill seekers who want to enjoy warm waters. You won’t be disappointed.


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