Karukera Land

Located in Sainte-Anne Township in Grande-Terre Island, Karukera Land is a new leisure park that opens last April. The park offers a pleasant atmosphere with various activities to do. Indeed, if you are a nature lover you will be delighted to see the different gardens. If you love animals, you won’t be disappointed as you have up to 200 animals living in the site. The star animals are the swan, the lama and the peacock.

The gardens

There are 4 types of gardens in Karukera Land:

  • The plants garden where you will find trees, plants and shrubs
  • The healing garden
  • The orchard where you will find multiple species such as the soursop tree
  • The tropical garden with several species of tropical flowers
soursop tree
Soursop tree
The games

Another particularity of karukera Land is the different games you will be able to enjoy. There is an array of games to relax, aquatic games and sports games. Here are few you will find: trampoline, swing, mechanical rodeo, climbing, petanque, swimming pool, balneotherapy or wading pool.


If you are feeling hungry during your visit, you will have the choice between the restaurant, the grill and the bar. The restaurant offers a large choice of local dishes à la carte menu as well as buffet. If you are more fancy grilled meat, the grill will perfectly fit your taste. Finally the bar is open all day.

Except the various activities in the park, there is a large panel of shows from famous humorists

So don’t miss out this stunning park when visiting Grande-Terre Island as you will definitely spend quality time.


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