Petite Terre Archipelago


Located 10 km from the south of Grande-Terre Island, Petite-Terre is an uninhabited archipelago which is administratively part of La Désirade Island. The two main islands are called Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas and are surrounded by coral reefs. Petite Terre has been classified Nature Reserve in 1998 due to its biological diversity and different natural environments.

Petite Terre archipelago has a rich story. Indeed, between 600 and 1500 after Jesus-Christ, there were Amerindians living there. Then, in 1493 Christopher Columbus arrived and it was the beginning of the European influence with the culture of the cotton.

In Petite Terre there is a lighthouse overlooking Terre de Bas Island, giving visitors the opportunity to have a nice viewing of the sea and the surrounding vegetation.

One of the biggest strength of the archipelago is definitely the biodiversity. When visiting, you will be able to see two species of iguanas but also lizards such as the anolis or the “mabouya” but also the hermit crab that is the mascot on the islands.

hermit crab
Hermit crab

In addition to the presence of turtles, the marine wildlife includes a wide range of fishes and crustaceans.

The beauty of Petite Terre is also composed of over 150 different species of birds.

If you want to visit this stunning archipelago, you will need to respect regulatory measures regarding the protection of the natural reserve. That is the reason why, there are only few sightseeing companies which are allowed to access it.


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