“Caret” Islet

ilet caret

“Caret” islet is an uninhabited islet located in the Grand Cul-de-sac marin in Sainte Rose Township (Basse-Terre Island). With white powdery sand, clear turquoise waters and multiple coconut trees, the name “Ilet Caret” comes from the fact that there are few turtles called Caret in this area. The “Caret” turtles come in the islet sometimes during the year for the mating.

The islet was created because of submarine movements following numerous earthquakes as well as the wind and sea daily activities. Each year, the shape of the islet change letting some sandbanks disappear in favour of new ones.

“Ilet Caret” is considered as a huge stunning aquarium. Indeed, with 25km long it is the biggest coral reef of the Lesser Antilles. As the coral reef is under protection, there is an important reproduction of a wide variety of shellfish, mollusc and fishes. In addition to the richness of the seabed, there is a good deal of birds living in the islet.

“Caret” islet is an interesting site as it offers an impressive and varied landscape. Don’t miss out “Caret” islet when visiting Grande-Terre Island.



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