“La Pointe des Châteaux”


“La Pointe des Châteaux” is a peninsula located at the end of Grande Terre Island, more precisely 45km from Pointe-à-Pitre Township and 11 km from Saint-François the Township it is part of. As the most visited site in Guadeloupe, “La Pointe des châteaux” welcome almost 500 000 visitors per year.

Due to its location, from “La Pointe des Chateaux”, you have different interesting views of other islands surrounding. You will be able to see “La Désirade” but also “Petite Terre” which is part of “La Désirade”. When the weather is clear, the lighthouse which is the highest point of the island will be visible as well. Another island that will be visible only if the weather is really nice is “Les Saintes” which is located 60km from “La Pointe des Châteaux”. Finally, situated 30km from the peninsula, Marie-Galante is part of the islands you will see.

Hiking is possible when visiting the site although is not recommended for children under 10 years old.

Another asset of “La Pointe des Châteaux” is the beaches. However, some of them are not easily accessible or swimming can be dangerous, this is the case for “Anse des Châteaux”. Here are other beaches there: “Les salines”, “Anse à plume”, “Anse tarare”, “Anse à la Gourde”, “Plage des rouleaux”, “Anse à la baie” and “Anse à l’eau”.

anse des chateaux
Anse des Châteaux

If you get hungry when visiting the site, you will definitely have a wide choice with the various restaurants: “Le Colombo”, “L’iguane café”, “Man Michel”, “Hostellerie des châteaux”, “Délices des mers” and “Rhumerie du pirate”

Don’t miss out “La Pointe des Châteaux” when visiting Grande-Terre Island as you will be able to enjoy a stunning and multi-faceted place.


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