Dolé basins


When visiting Guadeloupe Archipelago and more precisely Basse-Terre Island, there is a good deal of hot springs coming from the volcano “La Soufrière”.

I am proud to talk about a famous one located in the township I grew up called Gourbeyre. In addition to the accessibility to the natural spring, the water is market as a still, sparkling or flavoured spring water labelled “Capès Dolé”.

Flavoured sparkling water

The nature lovers will enjoy this site as there is luxurious vegetation leading to three basins: the public one, the Capès basin and the “Bain des amours”

Dole 1
Capès Basin
Public pool

Bain des amours

The name “Capès Dolé” coming from two important figures in Guadeloupe Archipelago history: the captain Capès responsible of the construction of the road to access the pools and Pierre Dolé is the former landlord of the site. Moreover, the area where the basins are located in Gourbeyre Township is also named Dolé.

Don’t miss out this idyllical place when going to Basse-Terre Island but I am pretty sure you will also have the opportunity to drink the spring water as it is market in all shops around. The factory is not too far from the basins.


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