The “Kassave” a cassava pancake


The cassava is part of Guadeloupe Archipelago culinary heritage. This vegetable can be cooked in several ways: boiled, fried, steamed, baked, grilled or mashed but the cassava flour is famous in the Archipelago. Indeed, it can be served with soups, peas but also milk, substituting the traditional bread. The flagship product composed of cassava flour is called the “Kassave” which is a big pancake. Whether the topping is sweet or savoury, this typical cassava pancake will definitely pleased your taste bud.

In Basse-Terre Island more precisely in Capesterre Belle-Eau Township, there is a place called “The kassaverie” where you will be able to taste the different flavours of the “kassave”. You will be able to enjoy it nature but also with shredded saltfish, grated coconut, guava jam or another jam with a tropical fruit.

Don’t miss out the Kassaverie of Capesterre Belle Eau when visiting Basse-Terre Island as you will discover the traditional steps of production of the kassave which is cooked over a wood fire.

preparation kassave
Kassave cooking

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