Botanical garden of Deshaies

With up to 120 000 visitors per year, the botanical garden of Deshaies is one of the most beautiful in Guadeloupe. Located in Basse-Terre Island, this floral and wildlife park stretches on 5 hectares. Back in the days, the property belonged to the famous French humorist Coluche.

Bougainvilliers path
Th Bougainvillier path

The botanical garden of Deshaies has been created 14 years ago more precisely the 1st of April 2001. The designers, landscape gardeners and nature lovers have worked hard to make a high quality park. When visiting, you will discover over 1000 species of tropical flowers and plants such as the bougainvilliers or the hibiscus. There are also a wide range of trees including the silk-cotton tree, the baobab or the “Talipot” a unique majestic palm tree existing only in Guadeloupe. In addition to a rich flora, you will also observe a wall of water, torrents and rivers, a waterfall, a flamingos’ pool, a water lily pool, macaws and aviaries.

the talipot
The Talipot
hibiscus jaune
A yellow Hibiscus

The botanical garden of Deshaies will suit everyone. Indeed, disabled people will be able to access the site as there are adjustments for them. A restaurant and a snack-bar will also be at your disposal as well as a souvenir boutique

The botanical garden of Deshaies is a must-see site when going to Basse-Terre Island. Families will definitely having fun, eating well and enjoy a relaxing time when getting to the park.

The Waterfall
water wall
The wall of water
A torrent
The river
flamands roses
The Flamingo’s pool
The aras

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