“Cascade aux Ecrevisses” (Crayfishes waterfall)

Let me introduce to you one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Guadeloupe: “Cascades aux écrevisses” (Crayfishes waterfall).

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The name of this waterfall comes from the fact that back in the days, there were many crayfishes also called “Ouassous” in the basin and most generally in Guadeloupe. Today, even though there are no more crayfishes, the waterfall still has the same name.

Located on a road called “La Traversée” in Basse-Terre Island, “Cascade aux écrevisses” is part of Guadeloupe national park and shows the beauty of a tropical environment thanks to the green and luxurious vegetation.

“Cascades aux ecrevisses” is accessible through a 200 metres long path with clear indications (5 minutes walk). At the end of the path you will discover a wooden area which allows visitors having a lovely view to the 10 metres waterfall, to the basin and around. If you are fancy trying the water temperature, you are more than welcome as bathing is authorised. The site is accessible for disabled people and there is also a parking. In addition to the other facilities, you will find a pic-nic area if you want to share a meal with family or friends.

The 200 metres long path

The “cascade aux écrevisses” is the most visited tourists’ site in Guadeloupe because it is easily reachable. There are around 400 000 visitors per year. The site is definitely a favourite place for the local population as they enjoy it as much as possible, mostly during festive periods such as Easter.

The pic-nic area


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