The Cocoa House

fèves de cacao

The cacao culture was adopted in Guadeloupe in the 17th century and still exists because it is relatively simple to produce even though the level of production is less important than the sugar cane or banana. The cacao comes from Central and South America more precisely from Mexico and Amazonia.


Located in the heart of a former place where cacao was produced. The cocoa house will give you the opportunity to discover the story of the cacao culture but also the traditional production and the amazing taste of local cocoa-based products. To access the site, you need to go to Pointe-Noire Township in Basse-Terre Island.

Visiting the cacao house 

When visiting the Cacao house, there will be a nice tropical garden with multiple species of cacao trees called Trinitario, criolo or Forestero. Then,  you will see an exhibition retracing the chocolate history and the different steps of the traditional production from the fermentation, the roasting,  to the cacao paste production which is a mass obtained by grinding the nibs of roasted cacao beans. Finally, the visit will end by tasting a delicious homemade hot chocolate.

The souvenir shop is the place not to be missed when visiting the property, you will be able to go back home with various local chocolate-based products such as cocoa butter, cocoa paste, cocoa beans jam, bar of chocolate and punchs.

hot chocolate


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