Gueule Grand Gouffre

Marie Galante map
Marie-Galante Island

The site of “Gueule Grand Gouffre” is an astonishing open-air chasm which let the sea comes out from its depths. Located in the North side of Marie-Galante Island in Saint Louis Township, the “Gueule Grand Gouffre” is a natural arch that the swell has shaped in the limestone.

Thrill-seekers will be delighted by seeing the waves crashing against the eroded rocks. The site is easily accessible but visitors must stay 2 metres far away from the cliff. That is the reason why there is a wooden barrier to ensure the public protection as the abyss is vertiginous.

Don’t miss out this beautiful panorama when visiting Marie-Galante Island, the darkness of the chasm contrasts with the turquoise-blue waters which makes it really impressive.

Contraste trou et eau


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