“Fleur d’Epée” Fort

Located in Gosier Township more precisely on the slope of “Bas-du-Fort”, the “Fleur d’Epée” fort was erected at the end of the 18th century between 1750 and 1763. The name comes from a famous soldier called “Fleur d’Epée” who used to live there. With a length of 150 metres, a width of 45 metres and a hexagonal shape, it is the biggest fortification in Grande-Terre Island. Furthermore, it is protected with moats and the entrance is accessible through the drawbridge.

The fort belongs to the General Council of Guadeloupe and is listed historic monument since 1979. As a must-see site, the fort still has interesting relics such as the powder store or the kitchen. You will also be able to see the battlements and dungeons which are surprisingly well-preserved.

In addition to simply exploring the fort itself, you will be able to discover the cultural part of the “Fleur d’Epée” fort by taking several underground passages leading to an Art Gallery. Throughout the year, there are several exhibitions from famous Caribbean or European painters.

The “Fleur d’Epée” fort is an unforgettable place not to be missed when visiting Grande-Terre Island. On the esplanade, there are multiple Flamboyants which make it a nice place to go for a walk. From the fort, you will also have an extraordinary view of the “bay of Gosier” and Basse-Terre Island.

vue dehors
The extraordinary view of Basse-Terre Island

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