Pigeon Islets


Pigeon Islets are composed of two islets and are located in front of Malendure beach in Bouillante Township.  The islets are in the heart of Cousteau underwater reserve as well as being part of Guadeloupe national park. The site is protected and considered as a natural area for different reasons such as the ecology, the fauna and the flora since 1996. The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has identified Pigeon Islets as a biosphere reserve.

There are over 15 trees species in the islets, the most common is the pear tree. When visiting the islets, you will be able seeing reptiles such as the green iguana or mammals like the dark rat.

Pigeon Islets enable divers exploring exceptional sites of clear waters. Here are few interesting spots around the islets:

  • The aquarium (ideal for first explorations)
  • The Coral garden (Fauna and flora diversity)
  • The pool (15m depth)
  • Gustavia wreck (40m depth)

 In addition to the diving spots, kayak activities have also been implemented to join the islets.

ilet pigeon


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