Zoological and Botanical Park of Guadeloupe Archipelago

Unforgettable scenery

The zoological and botanical of Guadeloupe also called “Mamelles” park is located in Basse-Terre Island on “La Traversee” road. As part of the National park of Guadeloupe, the site is dedicated to the preservation of various species of rare or threatened animals. With over 80 species coming from West Indies and French Guyana, the park is sheltered up to 450 animals including mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods.

The animals live in a luxurious environment composed of multiple botanical species. You will discover various trees, flowers and plants usually inaccessible in Guadeloupe Archipelago territory.

A typical day in the Park

  • The tropical botanic garden

As I said earlier, “Mamelles” park will offers you the possibility to go alongside the most beautiful and rare flowers and tropical plants.

Here are some flowers and plants you will find in the park: “Alpinia”, “Anthurium”, red or yellow “Balisier” , Tree fern, “Oiseau du paradis” and “Rose de porcelaine”.

balisier rouge
Red Balisier
Tree fern
oiseau du paradis
Oiseau du Paradis
Rose de porcelaine

The distinctive characteristic of the botanical garden is the access to the Canopy. Indeed, you will be able to use a footbridge which is hung 20 metres high on the trees top, to have a better view of the landscape richness and beauty.

  • West Indian wild animals

The stars of the park are the raccoons but there are also bats and Lesser Antillean Iguanas.

racoon 013ex
The Raccoon
  • Guianese wild animals

In “Mamelles” Park the protection of the Guianese wildlife is as important as the West Indian one. That’s why other species are still welcomed over the years. When visiting, you will see: Jaguars, ocelot, big and smaller parrots and different kind of monkeys.

The Jaguar
The Ocelot
The Parrot
  • The Insectary

Thanks to the Insectary, you will be able to discover the smallest species such as the insects and reptiles. Here is a list of those living there: Stick insects, scorpions and centipedes.

“Mamelles” park uses 4 hectares of the rainforest and you will need almost two hours to fully enjoy it. As an unconditional place to find out more about the flora and fauna, visiting the zoological and botanical park of Guadeloupe will definitely make you an actor of the wildlife protection.


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