Monthly Archive: April 2015

Fort Fleur d’Epée 0

Fort Fleur d’Epée

Fort Fleur d’Epée: Part of Guadeloupe Archipelago’s history Located in Le Gosier Township (Grande-Terre Island) more precisely in the hills of “Bas-du-Fort”, Fort Fleur d’Epée was erected at the end of the 18th century...

Ilets Pigeon 0

Ilets Pigeon

Ilets Pigeon: Biosphere reserve Ilets Pigeon are two islets located in front of Malendure beach in Bouillante Township (Basse-Terre Island). The islets are in the heart of Cousteau Underwater Reserve so consequently part of...

Parc des Mamelles 0

Parc des Mamelles

Unforgettable scenery Parc des Mamelles is a zoological and botanical park located in Basse-Terre Island on “La Traversée” road. The site which is part of the National park of Guadeloupe Archipelago, is dedicated to...