Beaches in La Desirade Island

“FIFI” Beach

“Fifi” is a gorgeous beach adorned with white powdery sand and shaded by numerous coconut trees. The beach faces the aquamarine waters. “Fifi” beach is always busy and is the only one where camping is allowed. You will find facilities such as tables to have food, shower bath and toilets. “Fifi” is a good spot for skysurf lovers.

For those who would like trying tasty foods of the Island, there is a welcoming restaurant on the beach called “La Payotte” proposing a wide range of seafood or Creole meals.

Plage Fifi
“La Payotte” restaurant (photo:
“FANFAN” Beach

“Fanfan” beach is another busy beach in La Désirade Island. With clear turquoise waters, you will be able snorkelling. The beach is shaded by multiple coconut trees giving you the possibility to picnic. “Fanfan” beach is close to the Marina where you will see fishmen keeping their catch in a creel and several boats in the water.

plage de fanfan



“Le Souffleur” beach is one of the stunning beaches in La Désirade Island. On the beach, there are several carbet (wood shelters) for those who want to picnic. This long stretch is appreciated for its quietness. Through the clear turquoise waters scuba diving lovers will appreciate exploring the richness of the sea bed.

Souffleur 1
“Le Souffleur” a long white sandy beach
Clear turquoise water ideal for snorkelling

souffleur idem



“La Petite Rivière” beach has the same name than the small river nearby. Located on the east end of La Desirade Island the beach is protected by a coral reef and has calm waters. As an excellent spot recommended for scuba diving and snorkelling, there is also a nice-tasting restaurant called: “La Providence: Chez Nounoune”. Considered as the Cordon-Bleu of La Desirade Island, she offers a Creole cuisine and a special each day depending on the Fishing and market day. One of her specialities is the famous grilled lobster and yam gratin.

petite riviere 2

petite riviere 1

Petite rivière



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