Guadeloupe Archipelago Beaches

One of the biggest assets of the coloured, diversified and stunning scenery of Guadeloupe Archipelago is definitely the natural Beaches.

With warm, turquoise-blue waters many of beaches are shaded by majestic lush palm trees creating a paradisiac exotic ambiance.

Whether it is to practise water sports, to have traditional swimming or sunbathing, the multiple beaches of Guadeloupe Archipelago will suit all tastes and give you the desire to coming back.

The sands of Guadeloupe Archipelago’s beaches range from black to white including gold. There are also shingle beaches located mainly in Basse-Terre Island.

So whether you are visiting the gorgeous beaches on the island’s Atlantic coast, where big waves crash against superb sands, or the black sands of Basse-Terre, all of Guadeloupe Archipelago’s beaches share two commonalities: the same crystal-clear waters and their charming beauty.

Here are the different types of Beaches in Guadeloupe Archipelago:

Grand anse deshaies 2
Grande- Anse in Deshaies Township with golden powdery sand
Raisins-Clairs in Saint-François Township with white sand
Grande-Anse in Trois-Rivières Township with black sand
plage de l'etang vieux habitants
L’Etang a shingle beach located in Vieux-Habitants Township


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