Marie-Galante Ecomuseum

Marie-Galante Ecomuseum (Photo:

Marie-Galante Ecomuseum exists since 1976. The association called: “Inventory, traditions and popular arts” has organised an event in the island to collect simple and art items of everyday life and therefore it was the start point of the Ecomuseum. Considered as the popular Arts and traditions gallery you will be immersed through three centuries of Marie-Galante sugar cane history during the colonial period. The main idea behind the existence of the Ecomuseum is the willing to enhance knowledge about Marie-Galante history. Besides, you will be able to find an information and documentation centre gathering a collection of pre-industrial tech materials, archives and recorded testimonies of expert people working in different sectors highlighting the richness of the Island.

The Ecomuseum is located in the Township of Grand-Bourg within the Habitation of Murat which is considered as the better preserved sugar cane plantation in Marie-Galante Island. At the beginning, the plantation was specialised in coffee but finally it has been bought by the family Murat in the early 19th century and became dedicated to sugar cane production.

The Plantation of Murat is composed of the Master’s house, the building for the staff, the shops, the stables, the windmill and the huts for the slaves as well as a shed for the sugar cane production. In 1979, Guadeloupe general council bought the plantation and restored it making the old buildings more meaningful keeping up the commemorative site protected. In 1990, the place was listed historical monument.

Outside the Ecomuseum, there is an interesting medicinal garden with a wide range of healing plants from digestive and energising ones but also plants for baths and all kind of pains. From the garden you will have a stunning view of the lagoon and Dominica Island.

The Ecomuseum is a place not to be missed when visiting Marie-Galante Island more precisely because the sugar cane is part of Marie-Galante landscape and history. It is highly recommended to choose the guided tour to enjoy the viewing.

Chateau Murat
Murat Castle (Photo:


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