La Datcha Beach and Gosier Islet

La Datcha

“La Datcha” is a beach situated in the town centre of the township of Gosier, in Grande-Terre Island. With crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand, this beach is famous for its night lighting until 11pm. Indeed, it’s not common having illuminated beaches in Guadeloupe.

“La Datcha” is an ideal place for joggers, walkers and water sports lovers. Furthermore, its favourable central location enables sports activities and events throughout the year.

“La Datcha” Beach
Plage-du-Gosier (1)
“La Datcha” Beach

Gosier Islet

From “La Datcha” you will be able to see “Gosier Islet” located few hundred meters from the coast. The uninhabited islet is a small paradise dominated by a red and white lighthouse. “Gosier Islet” is round-shaped with white fine sand and a stunning blue lagoon. It is an excellent stretch to do snorkelling and therefore discover translucent seabed and animals living in the coral reefs. Since 2003, “Gosier Islet” is under the protection of the “Conservatoire du Littoral” to ensure its conservation. To reach the islet, you can whether going by swimming but it can be dangerous because of the numerous small boats sailing there, or taking a small boat for 3€ the round trip.

“Gosier Islet” is highly recommended to enjoy a quiet and nice day with family. On the islet, there is a friendly small restaurant called “Le Robinson”, so you can either sit in or take away for having a picnic anywhere on the beach.

Vue d'en haut ilet gosier
Aerial picture of the Islet
phare ilet gosier
The red and white lighthouse

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