“La Grivelière” – The Coffee Museum


“La Grivelière” is an historical place located in “Grande Rivière” valley, more precisely in the township of “Vieux-Habitants” in Basse-Terre Island. In 1761, it previous name was “Caféière Saint-Joseph” but few years later in 1843, it becomes “La Grivelière”. From the end of the 18th century, “La Grivelière” was subject to multiple agricultural productions such as cocoa, vanilla, coffee and annatto. “La Grivelière” was a major witness in the economic history of the plantations and was listed historic monument in 1987. The year after the property was acquired by the regional council and in 1997, an association called “Verte Vallée” (Green Valley) started to manage and restore it. Today it’s possible having a guided tour of the property and its different parts such as the table d’hôte, the souvenir shop as well as workshops on coffee and cocoa productions.

Association Verte Vallée” (Green Valley)

The association “Verte Vallée” created in 1994 is responsible for the heritage protection and the local development of “Grande Rivière” valley. “Verte Vallée” is entirely in charge of the property “La Grivelière”.

Guided tour

You will be able going back to the past with the guided tour and discover the property with a set of former agricultural buildings for instance the “Bonifierie” (the place where the coffee was dried and roasted), the former windmills, the cocoa shed, the baker’s oven shed or other buildings such as the stable, the master’s house and the terrace. During the guided tour you will also see the small botanical garden, the table d’hôtes, the souvenir shop and workshops on coffee and cocoa productions.

The 100% local Arabica Coffee

The Arabica coffee is called “Le Bonifieur Guadeloupe”. The name Bonifieur comes from the French “to improve”, and is derived from the coffee’s enhancing qualities. The Guadeloupe Bonifieur is considered by connoisseurs as “one of the best coffees in the world”

The table d’hôtes

“La Grivelière” propose to visitors a “table d’hôtes” service where you will be able to find seasonal and diversified vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. All the fresh products come from the property and are highlighted through a traditional and creative Creole cuisine. The bread is made on-site like in the past, freshly baked in a wood-fired oven.

Each day, there is a special coming with multiple formulas.

Regularly during the year, there are different celebrations promoting coffee, cocoa and vanilla cultures.

The souvenir shop

The souvenir shop is the place not to be missed when visiting the property. There are confectioneries, chocolate, honey, local crisps, spices, cosmetics products as well as arts and crafts.

Undoubtedly, the flagship products are:

  • The Arabica coffee “Le Bonifieur Guadeloupe”
  • The cocoa
  • The tropical fruits liqueurs

“La Grivelière” is an authentic place which allows visitors to discover the plantation history, interesting savoir-faire as well as rich flavours.

liqueurs la griveliere


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