Marie-Galante Island

Marie Galante mapMarie-Galante is an administrative dependency of Guadeloupe archipelago.

Also known as the Island of “Hundred Windmills” (due to its multiple windmills during the 19th century) and nicknamed “la grande galette” (the big pancake), this round- shaped island is divided into three main towns: At the South-West you will find Grand-Bourg which is the capital city, Saint-Louis at the North-West and Capesterre at the South-East.

With its dry tropical climate, diversified vegetation and quiet streets, Marie-Galante has the most beautiful white sand beaches in Guadeloupe. Fishing, breeding, agriculture (mostly sugar cane plantations), tourist and craft industry are the main economic drivers of the island.

Marie-Galante is famous for having the best rums in Guadeloupe. Island of history and culture, you will find everywhere remnants of the past such as cockfighting and ox pulls which are still a part of the popular culture. Distilleries, windmills, old fashioned means of transport, stunning beaches, Marie-Galante is definitely an authentic island to go back in time.

Here are some unforgettable places not to be missed when visiting Marie-Galante Island:

  • “Habitation Murat” a former sugar cane plantation located in Grand-Bourg
  • “Moulin Bézard” the only windmill currently in operation in Capesterre
  • “Bellevue”, “Bielle”, and “Poisson” the three distilleries that make the different rums “Domaine de Bellevue”, “Bielle” and “Père Labat”
  • “Sirop de Batterie Moysan” a sugar cane syrup factory in Capesterre
  • “Gueule grand gouffre” an impressive open-cast abyss from where you will see the sea in Saint-Louis
  • “Aero prestation” to do a plane ride of the island
  • “Océom les Bijoux de l’Océan” gold jewellery designer with shells and marine objects in Grand Bourg
  • Multiple hiking trails “Sentiers Côtier, Murat, des Hauts de Capesterre, des Galeries, de la Côte Est, des Falaises, de l’Anse du Coq, de Vieux-Fort, des Sources”
  • “ La Feuillère” a stunning beach of white sand in Capesterre

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