Grande-Terre Island

grande-terreGrande-Terre is the East part of the biggest island in Guadeloupe and includes 10 townships. Grande-Terre has a drier microclimate and a less tick vegetation than Basse-Terre. The Island sits on a vast limestone plateau bordered with stunning white and gold sand beaches, and featuring turquoise lagoons.

Grande-Terre is the main economic driver of Guadeloupe, industries and services are centralised in Jarry located in the township of “Baie-Mahault” Grande-Terre is devoted to agriculture mainly sugar cane, however the tourism is highlighted with many dynamic activities and sightseeing tours of museums, restaurants, colourful markets where you can mostly find tropical fruits and vegetables, array of spices, tropical fruits liqueur and souvenirs from Guadeloupe such as Creole dolls.

The south coast is the favourite place for resorts, holiday villages and marinas in the townships included: “Saint-Anne”, “Saint-François” and “Le Gosier”.

The east coast is a quite flat region and is particularly attractive with sugar cane plantations;the sugar cane factory “Gardel” and the rum distillery “Damoiseau” are both located in the township of “Le Moule”.

With its small farms, gorgeous beaches, numerous sugar cane plantations, touristic places and activities, Grande-Terre is a diversified island; there is something suiting all tastes.

Here are some unforgettable places not to be missed when visiting Grande-Terre Island:

  • “Bois Jolan” beach in Saint-Anne
  • “Gosier Islet” a miniature paradise with its beaches, turquoise waters and translucent seabed
  • “Guadeloupe aquarium” in Gosier with more than 70 fishes species and 50 corals species
  • “La Pointe des châteaux” a rocky spur continuously undergoing the assaults of the sea and wind, situated in front of “La Désirade” island.
  • “Musée Schœlcher”, Pointe-à-Pitre’s museum in honour of the man behind the movement to abolish slavery
  • “Canal des Rotours” a unique waterway tucked away among the mangroves in Morne-à-l’Eau
  • “Souffleur” beautiful stretch of golden sand with translucent waters
  • “La Pointe de la Grande Vigie” and “Porte d’Enfer”, monumental cliffs with unforgettable vistas
  • “Fort Fleur d’épée”, a fort located in Gosier

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