Basse-Terre Island


Basse-Terre is the west part of the biggest and butterfly-shaped island in Guadeloupe; it is composed of 16 townships.

The southern portion of Basse-Terre includes the capital city of Guadeloupe and one of these characteristics is that it’s also called Basse-Terre; consequently you will find all administrative offices such as the prefecture, the regional council, the general council, and the law court.

The specificity and diversity of Basse-Terre is mainly based on a mountainous relief and a rainy weather. This volcanic island is dominated by the “Soufrière” volcano also called the “tall lady” which is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles. The mountain range is sheltered in 17,000 ha of tropical forests which has been declared National park of Guadeloupe since 1989. The tropical forest has an exuberant flora, luxuriant vegetation with more than 3000 trees species as well as a rich fauna.

The west coast of Basse-Terre called Leeward Coast has drier climate and vegetation but you can discover beautiful beaches adorned with gold, white, brown and black powdery sand.

With its waterfalls, basins, parks, and lush vegetation, Basse-Terre is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

Here are some unforgettable places not to be missed when visiting Basse-Terre Island:

  • “Les Chutes du Carbet” amazing waterfalls in Capesterre-Belle-Eau
  • “Les roches gravées” an archeological park in Trois-Rivières
  • “Dolé” warm water pools in Gourbeyre 
  • “La Soufrière” the volcano in Saint-Claude
  • “Bologne” the rum distillery in Basse-Terre
  • “La Grivelière” the coffee and cocoa plantation in Vieux-Habitants
  • “La Réserve Cousteau” an internationally renowned and protected underwater park in Bouillante
  • “La Cascade aux Écrevisses” a beautiful waterfall along the Route de la Traversée between Pointe-Noire and Petit-Bourg
  • “La Perle beach” a stunning long beach with fine yellow sand in Deshaies

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